10 ways GG Recruitment adds value to your job search

10 ways GG Recruitment adds value to your job search

There are many recruiters out there in the marketplace – you just have to search ‘recruiter’ in Google and you are flooded with a myriad of options. So how do you find the recruiter that will take your job search out of your hands and deliver the dream job you have always been looking for? The answer is to look for a recruiter that adds value to your job search and  GG Recruitment does just that.

1. Understanding the role

At GG Recruitment we have a close relationship with the companies whose positions we represent. We don’t just know that there is a job available, we understand in detail why there is a job available and will immediately be able to assess if you are the right fit for this position. Not only do we understand the purpose of the role, we are able to provide valuable input as to whether this position would help you achieve your career goals. Once you have this understanding you are in a far stronger position when you attend the job interview, as you can use your insight behind the role to tailor your answers so that they are aligned with the company’s goals.

2. Maximising your time

We can also help you make the most of your time by preventing you from applying for roles that have been gathering dust on the job search engines. Our knowledge of the marketplace ensures we can identify whether a company is genuine with their requirement or just fishing for possible candidates to have on their books for possible future roles. When we put you forward for a role, we are certain the company has real intent and there is high chance that your interview will be followed by a job offer.

3. Giving you the low down

We understand every aspect of each role we promote. We are able to answer all your questions – and, in the unlikely case there is an aspect we haven’t covered, we will ensure you have the answers before you attend your job interview. The result is that you are only put forward for roles that really interest you.

4. Helping companies with their criteria

We work closely with the companies we represent, helping them to identify the exact skills the candidate they are looking for needs to have in order to fulfil the role. Sometimes clients can be confused about what they think they want and what they actually need. We will discuss this prior to advertising the position and ensure that only suitable candidates are contacted and put forward for the role. This saves everyone’s time. Candidates can be confident they are only being put forward for roles that suit them and companies know they are only seeing the best candidates for the position available.

5. Highlighting your experience

When we send your CV through to our clients and discuss you with them, our knowledge of the position available will ensure that we are able to highlight your relevant skills and experience so that our clients understand exactly why you are being put forward for the role.

6. Preparing you for the interview

Our detailed knowledge of every position and our close relationship with all the hiring managers ensures we are able to supply you with both the information about the person who is conducting the interview and exactly what they are looking for in a potential employee. We will also be able to guide you on the questions they might ask and ensure you have all the right answers at your fingertips.

7. Negotiating the best salary

Our knowledge of the companies we represent and of every role we promote ensures we are able to negotiate the best possible salary for you, without pricing you out of the marketplace.

8. Following up on your behalf

We understand that you would like to receive feedback immediately after your interview, which is why we follow up quickly to ensure you get the information you are looking for. This provides you with peace of mind, if the company is interested in you, or allows you to move on to pursue another position.

9. Coaching you through your resignation

Once you have received your job offer, we will be able to advise on the appropriate time to resign and will assist you with how to resign so that no bridges are burnt – but instead your existing employer understands why you are moving on.

10. Building relationships to assist your job search

At GG Recruitment we understand that one of the key aspects of aiding a candidate with their job search is having a solid relationship with your company of interest that is built on trust. This ensures that when we put you forward for the position, the company views you in a positive light – and understands that you are a solid, viable candidate for the position they are seeking to fill.

If you would like GG Recruitment to assist you with your job financial, specialist, managerial and executive recruitment job search, don’t hesitate to contact us today for our expert assistance.

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