5 Tips to Help Companies and Candidates Choose the Right Recruitment Company

5 Tips to Help Companies and Candidates Choose the Right Recruitment Company

A good recruitment company will always balance the needs and requirements of both the candidates and the companies that approach them in order to make the right match. A successful placement means the candidate is happy with their new position and is committed to growing with the company. For a company, a successful placement means they have found an employee that has the skills and knowledge that fit their requirements, and importantly are secure that the candidate is with them for the long-term.

Not all recruitment companies are equal. To create the ideal match, recruitment agents need to do a lot of homework investigating companies and interviewing candidates. So don’t settle on one that is not prepared to go the extra mile for you, whether you are a candidate or a company. Here are five tips to ensure you make the right choice.

5 Tips for companies

1. Do your research

To select a recruitment company, it’s important you ascertain whether they have experience in recruiting for your industry. Look at their website and their LinkedIn profile for their areas of expertise

2. Interview them like employees

The right recruitment company will make a world of difference in the calibre of employees you hire, so it’s important you interview recruiters just as you would a candidate for employment. Find out how they will assess candidates for your position. Will they keep you up-to-date with the status of candidates? How long will it take for them to fill the position?

3. Look for experience

If the positions you are looking to fill are specialised, it’s essential you look for experienced recruiters who have a network of great candidates, with these types of specialised skills that they can tap into. These types of candidates are not found on job websites, but an experienced recruiter will be able to put you in touch with them. The time to fill your position will be less and the quality of the candidates will be far superior.

4. Confirm their accreditations

To ensure you are dealing with a recognised recruitment agency with a good ethical and professional track record, make a point of confirming their accreditations. All good recruitment agencies should abide by the  APSO (The Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations) code of conduct, which is committed to the professionalization of the Staffing industry of Southern Africa.

5. Assess their track record

If you are looking to make permanent, strategic placements it’s important to consider the recruiter’s recent track record in your industry. Ask them what the position they last placed was and how large their database is. Do they update their candidate records regularly and what strategies do they have to find new talent?

5 Tips for candidates

1. Look for awards and accolades

As a candidate, you are placing your career in the hands of the recruitment agency so it’s important you chose one that has received recognition from its candidate market. An award like the Platinum 25 Award sponsored by Career Junction is a valuable indicator as job seekers, who rate recruitment agencies on the level of service they provide, vote it for.

2. Look for legal compliance and affiliations

Recruitment agents have to adhere to legal guidelines in the recruitment process and quality recruitment agencies will align themselves with professional industry bodies that audit them and require them to comply with quality standards. All good recruitment agencies should belong to and abide by the APSO code of conduct.

3. Consider their communication policy

One of the biggest complaints candidates have is lack of communication and feedback from their recruitment agency. Ask the recruitment agency early in the registration process what their communication policy is.

4. Look for experience

It’s essential that the recruitment agency you choose has a strong track record and experience in the industry you are in. Ask them about their client base. The larger and more impressive the client base, the more quality jobs they will be recruiting for.

5. Interview your recruiter

Your recruiter is your key to landing your ideal position. Take time to talk to and interview your recruiter. Consider how comfortable you feel with them. Are they professional and credible and eager to find you the best match? A good recruiter will be as eager to build a relationship with you, as you will be with him or her.

Choose the right recruitment company

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