7 steps to ensure your employees remain motivated

7 steps to ensure your employees remain motivated

Recruiting great staff with all the necessary skills and experience to perform and grow with your company is only half the battle. Ensuring that your workplace is one that inspires them and that management policies are in place to ensure they remain motivated is the other half. Just as an unattended plant will slowly stop growing – so too will your employees if they are left without support, fresh challenges and encouragement. Here are seven steps to ensure your employees remain motivated and thrive in your workplace.

Step one: Make employee recognition a daily routine

Running a business can take up a lot of your time – and recognition may seem like a trivial part of the process when you have business goals to meet. However, if you fail to make employee recognition part of your daily routine, your company will suffer. A recent Harvard study found that recognising employees helps drive productivity and boosts employee morale. The study found that eight out of ten employees who received recognition felt content with their jobs – proving that there is a strong connection between recognition and job satisfaction.

Step two: Create a productive and positive work environment

There have been numerous studies that have proved that employees remain motivated in a well-designed space with plenty of light and are far more productive than employees who are placed in a small, dark back office. Even if your offices’ interior design was not prioritised when your business began – it’s never too late to bring in an architect or an interior designer. A few subtle changes can make a world of difference to your employees’ productivity and even health. Most importantly it shows you care about their well-being!

Step three: Encourage your employees’ individuality

Employees remain motivated when they feel that their desk space is their own. Rather than enforcing a clean desk policy, encourage your employees to bring in items that express their individuality and help motivate them.

Step four: Encourage teamwork

Multiple minds focused on a challenge are always better than one. An employee that feels like he or she is part of a team and is working for the greater good of all, will always feel more motivated than one who feels they are simply a cog in a big machine. Create an environment that encourages teamwork. Build teamwork into your company’s KPIs and encourage employees to look beyond themselves towards the collective success of the entire company.

Step five: Introduce new challenges

An employee that works on the same things day after day can quickly get bored, so aim to keep things fresh and exciting. Set your employees new challenges and encourage them to stretch their skills and abilities beyond what they believe their capabilities are.

Step six: Inspire with supportive leadership

A supportive leader is one that is not too proud or distant to dive into the trenches and help the team when they are faced with a difficult challenge. Supportive leadership means you work closely with your team and hold regular meetings so they can directly benefit from your experience.

Step 7: Ensure your employees remain motivated with rewards

Ultimately your employees are working for you – and nothing motivates them more than giving them a well-deserved reward. Even if the economic climate is tight, a small salary raise or bonus will maintain motivation and keep your employees focused on their jobs.

At GG recruitment we believe that creating the right corporate environment goes a long way to ensuring your employees remain motivated. For more advice about finding the right cultural fit between your candidates and your company, contact us today.


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