Accounting Services

The GGD Group provides comprehensive, world-class accounting services that give businesses the agility they need to compete in ever-changing times. Our solutions are built around efficiency, transparency and compliance, which means your business’ financial matters are one less thing to worry about. Our team of financial professionals bring years of expeience to the table, of which our clients leverage the full benefit.

Account Record Clean Up

If your accounting systems are in a mess and you require your accounts to be cleaned up, or you have neglected to maintain accurate accounting records, we can assist in getting you up to date and compliant with SARS. We offer capturing of back-dated bulk information and new systems implementations. We’ll also bring your account records up to date and keep them that way with efficient systems that will provide continued ROI as your business grows.

Audit File Preparation

Audit file preparation entails the compilation of vast amounts of financial data that often reside on disparate systems. We streamline the creation of the audit file with processes that are methodical, transparent and proven to work.

Annual Financial Statements

Our accounting services eliminate bottlenecks and introduce efficiency for quick turnarounds and added value to our clients. From basic to more complex and detailed financial statements, we ensure that all the working parts of your Financial Statements – from Balance Sheet to Cash Flow Statement – is clear, concise and free of irregularities. Our preparation of Annual Financial Statements and Accounting Officer’s Reports ensure compliance with international reporting standards for SMEs and non-SMEs.

Financial Management Services

Budget preparation and reporting as well as cash flow forecasting and reporting. Beyond standard accounting services, we demonstrate added value to our clients by helping them improve on inefficiencies within their financial workflows and aid in the identification and evaluation of profitable opportunities.

Monthly Accounting

The GGD Group specialises in streamlining resource-intensive financial and administrative functions with end-to-end accounting services. Capturing of source documents, cash books, customers and suppliers documentation, reconciling accounts and other monthly processing. Alleviate the pressure associated with monthly accounting functions by letting the financial specialists take care of cyclical accounting tasks.

Management Accounts

Our services scale according to the various industries we operate in. Our Monthly Management Accounts can assist you in the successful running of your business and can be tailored to your specific needs. These include: Preparation of Income Statement and Balance Sheet with monthly and annual comparatives, including detailed notes.

SARS Statutory Returns

We ensure your company remains compliant with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) with professionally produced VAT reconciliations and submission of returns. We offer a wide range of periodic taxation services to individuals and companies and ensure compliance with current and future regulatory requirements.

Flexible Customer Support

The GGD Group provides comprehensive and flexible support through continued knowledge sharing and client interaction. We also leverage the latest technologies to provide remote support when we’re needed most.

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