Professional Company Secretarial Services

The GGD Group provides comprehensive Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC) and company secretarial services, ensuring your business is compliant with the latest Companies Act stipulations and other regulatory obligations. Our administrative, compliance and company secretarial services ensure your business remains in good standing with regulatory obligations as it goes through its various stages of growth.

Our knowledge of a vast range of industries makes us the perfect partner to ensure your company’s corporate governance and compliance functions are holistically managed.

Annual Returns

Keep your company’s status active and legislatively compliant by submitting annual returns to CIPC along with the prescribed fee. We ensure that annual returns are complete, accurate and submitted within the allotted time frame.

Company Secretarial Functions

The GGD Group offers specialist legislative advice and administrative functions. Our company secretarial support solutions ensure ongoing compliance with continual legislative updates and amendments. From drafting minutes and resolutions, to company amendments, share certificates and other company documents required by the Companies Act, we ensure end-to-end regulatory compliance is the order of the day.

New and self company registrations

Incorporate a new company with the chosen name, Memorandum of Incorporation and share certificates. Do you need to start trading immediately? We can provide you with a shelf company that has a pre-existing income tax number.

Ongoing compliance needs to remain top of mind for modern business owners. And with marketplaces experiencing constant flux, industry regulations are continually adjusting to facilitate the ever-changing global marketplace. As specialists in our field, the GGD Group provides end-to-end statutory adherence through our wealth of knowledge and experience across various industries and their respective statutory obligations.

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