Holistic Taxation Services for Continued Compliance

As a small business accounting practice registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), we offer a variety of year-end and provisional taxation services for individuals and companies. We ensure compliance with current and future legislation through the various stages of your company’s growth. As marketplaces experience constant shifts from various influencing factors, so do regulatory demands. Our holistic taxation services ensure continued compliance and a healthy financial outlook in uncertain times.

Dividend tax

The GGD Group provides assistance with calculating and declaring dividends, including the completion and submission of returns. We perform calculations on local and foreign dividends and investments paid to recipients and ensure the most tax-favourable outcomes for our clients.

Provisional and Income Tax

Our taxation services include calculation, preparation and submission of income tax returns along with statement of assets and liabilities. Our tax services extend to individuals, companies, trusts, small and medium businesses. We also perform submissions on all bi-annual provisional tax returns.

Tax Planning and Tax Clearance Certificates

Application and renewal of Tax Clearance Certificates and ensuring tax efficiency in both your individual and business capacity. Our team of specialists ensure ongoing compliance and protection from potentially damaging practices with tax services that scale across a wide range of client-specific industries including, retail, manufacturing, civils, marketing and advertising.

Tax compliance is an on-going challenge that, if overlooked, can have negative impacts on any business or individual. This makes diligence and a forearmed approach central to continued statutory adherence. Our team makes sure every legal obligation is met and takes care of your income tax assessments and statements of account. As part of our taxation services, we also lodge objections and appeals on behalf of our clients.

Whether you are an individual with stratified investments, or a business owner needing a partner in navigating often complex tax obligations, we can help simplify every step of the process with specialised taxation services

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