To whom it may concern

This is to confirm that we have a good working relationship with Graham from GG Financial Recruitment as a recruiting agent when we had vacancies within the company especially for our financial assistance.

For the duration that I have been employed for the company, we would contact him due his professionalism to match suitable candidates not merely to the job requirement but also our company culture.

I am aware that his relationship with the company extends my tenure which is almost 5 years and/or the recruiting company he is find himself.

I am more than pleased with his support he offers and he is considered as a go to person when we have a need in our financial section.

When we recruited for a bookkeeper Graham sent us top-notch candidates.  He has a clear understanding of our business environment and requirements, and has the remarkable ability to match the right candidate with employers.  I highly commend his post-placement service and concern for both company and candidate.

When I was unemployed during the slump of the 2009-2010 economic down, Graham was the only agent (from amongst dozens with whom I was registered) who pro-actively sought out interviews for me.  He regularly maintained contact and kept me motivated during a very difficult period.  He has been instrumental in placing me on assignments where the match has been ideal.  I am grateful to him that I am employed in my current position.

I can confirm that I have been in the Contract employment market for two years and have extensive experience with recruitment agencies and agents, but none have been as interested and concerned about the well-being of applicants as GG Financial Recruitment. They have been consistently sensitive to my requirements and have successfully placed me with numerous employers. I will most certainly recommend them to any person seeking employment.

We have been working with the team from GGD Accounting for two years. They are very professional, and always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner. They ensure timely adherence to all statuary requirements. Allowing us to take care of business.

We would not hesitate to recommend their services.

We have used GGD Accounting for a 10 years now and would definitely not consider any other company. Their service is excellent and no problem is too big for them to solve in a reasonable timeframe.  They have always been reliable and committed to give us the best customer service. Their staff are very professional and their level of expertise has allowed us to trust any suggestions made to improve our systems. We look forward to continuing an excellent working relationship with them.

GGD Accounting has worked very closely with us over the past five years. We have a strong working relationship with their team. They are very hands on and responsive to our requests. They run our monthly payroll and associated PAYE payments. They calculate and generate our VAT returns for filing. They produce our management accounts as well as a revenue report for us monthly. On an annual basis they produce our annual financial statements and file our corporate tax return.  We are very happy with their service levels and would recommend them to any medium sized business looking for a strategic partner to assist them with their financials.

We at Vivere International t/a Roche Bobois have been using GGD Accounting since 2015 to provide us with Sage Pastel support and setup services. They have assisted us in setting up the accounting and stock controls in our retail and office environment and trained our staff on how to use the software. We were very impressed with the professional manner in which they handled themselves and the efficiency in which they completed the project. Being an international company we were delighted to be able to deal with a business that met and exceeded our expectations. We will continue to use them in the future and would highly recommend them to any new and existing business

GGD Accounting have been our accountants for approximately six years. They cleared up many of our worries and anxieties about tax and accounting once we made our move from the previous accountant. They always provide us with great financial solutions and in so doing, they have helped our business grow immensely. We highly appreciate their dedication, professionalism, loyalty and level of commitment.

We see GGD Accounting as our trusted advisors and intend on continuing using their excellent services as long as our business is in existence.


The DYNA TRAINING Group has been associated with GGD Accounting for more than 12 years. In this time we have found them to have the same values that we ourselves have and that is always putting the Client first and dealing with all queries in an efficient manner. Everyone we deal with at GGD Accounting is always helpful and comes across as friendly and cheerful. They have helped our staff to learn and grow when we changed our operating system and all questions were clearly answered. We look forward to continuing a healthy working relationship with GGD Accounting.

We have been very impressed with the Sage Pastel product knowledge and the support services of the staff at GGD Accounting. They are always ready and available to assist and just a phone call or email away. It is great to work with a team that is so responsive and efficient and reliable.