How to avoid common management mistakes

How to avoid common management mistakes

Being a manager can be challenging. You need to constantly balance the needs of your business and those of your employees. LinkedIn Learning1 recently surveyed 2 968 professionals and asked them what frustrated them most about their managers. A well run and efficient team is usually headed by a manager who avoids these common management mistakes:

  • Lack of clarity: The most common mistake that managers make is expecting their team to perform when their own expectations aren’t clear or change frequently. Unless a team knows what they are trying to achieve and by when, deadlines won’t be met and frustrations can build amongst team members.
  • Micromanagers: Next on the list were micromanagers who attempt to control every aspect of their team’s performance. Micromanagers disempower their team members and create an environment where people stop taking the initiative and instead just wait to be told what to do.
  • Lack of availability: Managers who are unavailable are equally as bad as micromanagers. Your team needs inspiration and direction. They need to touch base with you as a manager on a regular basis to ensure that they are still aligned with company goals and expectations.
  • Lack of career development: Another common management mistake that is made is neglecting your employees’ careers. To get the most from your employees, it is important you consider how you can help your team members develop their skills so you can get the best out of them and they can develop professionally.

Mismanagement results in employee attrition

The LinkedIn survey also revealed that 36 percent of employees have left their jobs because their manager exhibited one or more of these negative traits and 15 percent of employees were considering it.

The importance of good management skills

Good management skills are essential if you want to keep your people motivated and empower your team to excel. Good managers tend to have:

  • A positive attitude: A manager with a positive attitude will inspire his team and keep the moral high.
  • Strategic focus: The best managers are those that can focus on their team’s core priorities and ensure they stay on track.
  • Warmth and Competence: Managers that have these qualities lead from the head and the heart – a winning combination!
  • Accountability: A manager who takes responsibilities for their own actions will inspire his or her team to do the same.
  • Flexibility: Managers that can think on their feet and juggle priorities are able to guide their teams to meet their business’s changing needs and goals.
  • Cultural affinity: A good manager will always ensure that they only hire people who are aligned with their company’s culture and values. To work well as a team, employees need to be team players and a good manager that is invested in their business’s culture will ensure this.

Find the right cultural fit with GG Recruitment

The length of time your employees stay working for your organisation has a lot to do with the cultural fit between your company and your employees themselves. At GG Recruitment we specialise in ensuring that the people you recruit have the skills and personality to excel in your workplace. For expert advice and the latest positions in the finance, management, specialist and executive sectors, contact us today.


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