GG will keep your business on top of 2019’s accounting trends

GG will keep your business on top of 2019’s accounting trends

2018 was a year when the accounting world saw a major shift towards technology and automation. Businesses are increasingly realising the value of embracing technology and automation to free up time from mundane accounting processes and instead focus more on value-added business activities. As a finalist in the Emerging Firm of the Year at XeroCon 2018, GG is ideally positioned to help you make the most of 2019’s leading accounting innovations to ensure the continued growth of your business.

Focus on electronic cash flow

Cash flow is essential to the success of any business. Late payments can cripple businesses and prevent them from planning for the long-term or making crucial investments. The latest electronic cash flow technology helps eliminate this. The first step is to automate your data entry of bills and expenses. As Silver Receipt Bank partners, GG can assist you with this and Xero allows you to set up an immediate “pay now” option to allow your customers to pay you instantly with either a debit or credit card or from their PayPal or Stripe account.

Enhance compliance

Compliance is becoming an area of increasing focus in both South Africa and worldwide. The Protection of Personal Information Act or PoPI is going to shake up the way businesses treat their consumers’ private data. Xero is committed to the protection of personal data with two-step authentication to protect access to data and multiple levels of security to ensure your customers’ data says private and is only used for agreed purposes.

Embrace automation

2018 saw the emergence of a new kind of accounting – automation, with technology doing the ‘heavy lifting’ when it comes to many financial processes. Digital transformation is here to stay, as is cloud accounting technology. Businesses that plan to embrace automation have a head start over those that don’t. 2019 is the ideal time to invest in cloud-based accounting services that remove mundane tasks, promote better teamwork, improve data security and facilitate remote working access.

Consult GG for the latest accounting and finance innovations

As a Xero Gold partner and an award-winning business solutions provider, the GG Group has an established reputation for specialist advice and service excellence. In order to make 2019 a year when you take your business’s finances to the next level, contact us today.

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