How the 2019 Budget Speech has increased your tax

How the 2019 Budget Speech has increased your tax

On February 20, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered the Budget Speech 2019 to Parliament. For individual taxpayers, businesses and the general public, there were many bitter pills to swallow as Mboweni faces the difficult task of improving tax revenue and placing additional tax burdens on individual taxpayers. For taxpayers, there were some significant announcements that will affect their taxes going forward.

The tightening grip of bracket creep

Despite the announcement that there would be no increases to individual tax rates for 2019/2020, the minister also announced that there would be no adjustment to the individual tax tables to take the effects of inflation into account. As a result, taxpayers will now feel the effects of bracket creep, which means that even though the tax rate and brackets remain unchanged, an inflationary increase in your salary will increase your tax rate. The Treasury expects to collect an additional R12.8 billion as a result. This is expected to hit middle and upper-middle income earners the hardest.

Sugar tax is also on the rise

Finance Minister Mboweni announced that the Health Promotion Levy (HPL), also known as the sugar tax, will be increased from 2.1 cents to 2.21 cents per gram of sugar per 100ml, with the first four grams exempted from taxation, on 1 April 2019. This is expected to hit the food and beverages sector hard and they now face greater pressure to reformulate to protect future earnings.

Expat South Africans can no longer hide

The minister was very clear that tax evasion would continue to be an area of focus and tax collection a priority with the South African Revenue Service improving its IT systems and integrating them internationally, which will mean that taxpayers have nowhere to hide. Currently, South Africans working abroad have a tax exemption in South Africa on their salary, provided they are physically present outside South Africa for more than 183 days – of which more than 60 days are consecutive during a 12-month period.

As from 1 March 2020, this will change and the tax exemption will be capped at R1m and expats will be taxed at a rate of 45% on anything they earn elsewhere in the world over R1 million.

Maintaining compliance is critical

The new focus on tax legislation means that compliance for businesses and individuals is critical and it is essential that everyone has their tax affairs in order. The GG Group provides world-class accounting and tax services that are built around efficiency, transparency and compliance. We ensure compliance with current and future legislation through the various stages of your company’s growth – which means you or your business has one thing less to worry. Our services include:

  • Dividend tax – calculating and declaring dividends, including the completion and submission of returns. We perform calculations on both local and foreign dividends and investments paid to recipients and ensure the most tax-favourable outcomes for our clients.
  • Provisional and Income Tax – Our taxation services include the calculation, preparation and submission of income tax returns along with statements of assets and liabilities. Our tax services extend to individuals, companies, trusts, small and medium businesses.
  • Tax planning and Clearance Certificates – our team of specialists ensure ongoing compliance and protection from potentially damaging practices with tax services that scale across a wide range of client-specific industries including, retail, manufacturing, marketing and advertising.

Tax compliance is an on-going challenge, but our team will make sure every legal obligation is met. For more information about our services, contact us today:

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