How to avoid being ghosted by your prospective employees

How to avoid being ghosted by your prospective employees

Ghosting is a relatively new term that refers to a behaviour pattern when someone cuts off all contact with the person they have been communicating with. They avoid their phone calls, their SMSs and interacting with them on social media. While it is usually a passive-aggressive behaviour reserved for friendships and romantic relationships, it has also started to affect employers recruiting prospective candidates. Find out how you can avoid investing plenty of valuable time in recruiting an employee, only to lose them before they sign on the dotted line.

Ghosting is on the rise

Reports from the USA1 indicate a rise in ghosting in the workplace with promising prospective employees vanishing from the interview process, never to be heard of again. Workplace ghosting is also on the increase in the United Kingdom and Canada, costing employers valuable time and impacting on company growth and development. The secret to avoiding workplace ghosting is to work with a reputable recruitment company like GG Recruitment and actively keep your prospective candidates engaged in your company throughout the hiring process:

  • Keep candidates informed

If your prospective employee has a valuable skillset, your position might not be the only one they are considering, so it’s important to communicate with them regularly to let them know where they are in the interview process.  If they don’t hear anything from you for weeks, they will consider other opportunities and move on. At GG recruitment we give our prospective candidates timely feedback and communicate regularly with companies to find out where they are with their hiring process.

  • Keep them engaged.

If you have been communicating with a prospective candidate through a social media channel like LinkedIn and haven’t heard from them for a while, send them a quick message to find out how things are going. You can also share relevant articles and engaging content with them to remind them of your presence and your interest in them.

  • Discover their goals

Once you have started interviewing a candidate, it’s important to demonstrate to a candidate how your position can help them meet their long-term goals. Try and steer the conversation in what they are looking for a career and then discuss how you can tailor the position to meet their career goals. If a candidate can see that you are invested in their future and that the position you are offering is one that will keep them stimulated for the long-term and help them grow their career, they are less likely to walk away from it.

  • Keep them informed

Establish a clear timeline for the interview process and let them know when they will next hear from you. If you plan to have made a decision by the end of the week, make sure to tell them that they will hear from you on Friday. If they know what to expect from you, they are less likely to accept other offers in the interim.

  • Maintain contact

If the hiring process is continuing longer than expected (as it often does), keep contact with your key candidates by sending them an email update. If you have an online portal where candidates can track their applications, post regular updates, so they are aware of how the process is going.

Communication is a two-way street and the most important part of the entire recruitment process. You don’t want to inadvertently ghost a candidate yourself due to internal business issues. At GG Recruitment we ensure that consistent communication takes place between candidates and companies so then when a job offer is made, the candidate is ready to respond and receive it. For more information about how GG recruitment can assist you with finding your ideal Finance, IT, Management or Specialist candidates, contact us today.


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