Does your CV or online profile have too much detail?

Does your CV or online profile have too much detail?

Frustrated job applicants often wonder how they missed the perfect job opportunity. They did everything they were supposed to – they placed their CVs on all the relevant job portals, filled in their LinkedIn profiles and registered their CVs with numerous online recruitment agencies, but all this got them no closer to finding their ideal job. The simple reason for this is that your CV or online profiles were lacking the essential details the recruiters look for.

Detail is essential

It all comes down to detail – the right detail. If a recruiter or HR personnel is searching for a particular skill set, they are going to contact the job applicant who has detailed their skills and included this skill set. When recruiters search for candidates, a job title and a few lines of information are insufficient to secure you an interview.

Recruiters use Boolean search and other methods of search online that involve looking for specific keywords in your CV or online profile. For example, if a hiring manager insists that they only want an employee who has all three of these skills – leadership, inter-company reconciliations and a CIMA qualification, then only the CVs with all three of these criteria will show up in the search. To help you create a detailed CV and online profile, follow these tips:

1. Describe the context of your skills

Instead of just listing one of your skills as “processing creditors” you could go into more detail about the context of this and supply more detail. For example you could say “processing bulk creditors, approximately 1500 line items per month”. This will immediately give recruiters an idea of the depth of the work that you are used to and the amount/volumes you are able to cope with, enabling them to decide if you match their clients’ specific needs.

2. Don’t be afraid to highlight your successes

Some people might call it bragging, but if you want to stand out from the thousands of job seekers online, it is essential you detail the successful projects or outcomes you have been involved it. After all, which candidate would you rather choose – one who “project managed and played an integral part in launching a new software product before its due date” or a candidate who simply listed “project management” as a skill?

3. Consider your cultural fit

These days companies are looking for more than just “hard skills” that can be taught, they are also looking for people with the right personality traits that will fit into their environment. Having the right psychological traits are an important component of any career, which is why many companies do psychometric testing before finally deciding on a candidate. Listing traits like innovation, collaboration, adaptability, strategic thinking, team player and leadership will all help you stand out when recruiters are searching for the right candidate for a particular position.

4. List your credentials

If you have a certification or advanced degree that is considered to be an asset, such as an MBA, include it after your name at the very top of your CV. Adding these acronyms after your name ensure that the recruiter doesn’t accidently miss this important information when they are scanning through your job application.

5. Include accurate contact details

This may seem like an obvious one, but many candidates often forget to include basic information like an email address. Your home address is not necessary, but include your name, phone number, email and URL to your LinkedIn profile if you have one.

Ensure your CV or online profile stands out from the crowd

At GG recruitment we are specialists in financial, specialist, management and executive recruitment solutions. Our close relationships with our clients mean we are able to offer our candidates the very best advice to ensure their CVs contain all the details necessary for them to stand out from the rest. For more information, contact us today.

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