Prepare for the future with a cloud accounting solution

Prepare for the future with a cloud accounting solution

Technology innovation is driving massive changes in accounting with cloud accounting solutions helping to free your time from tedious administrative accounting tasks, allowing you to focus more on your business and your customers. The GG Group specialises in cloud accounting solutions and is ready to support you as you take your business forward into the future.

  1. Cloud Accounting will lead the way by 2025

Cloud-based accounting solutions like Xero offer customers a wide variety of benefits including improved security and real-time updates. Gartner has reported that 93% of respondents to a survey on cloud accounting solutions plan on spending more on cloud-based accounting in the next two years1.

  1. Cloud Accounting improves efficiency and reduces errors

Cloud-based accounting software includes many automated features, which means there is less room for financial errors and data processing time is significantly reduced. As all data resides in the cloud, collaboration between departments, offices in different parts of the country and even internationally, is much easier. Users have immediate access to all accounting and financial information and real-time updates ensure that the information is always up-to-date.

  1. Cloud Accounting supports opportunities to increase revenue

Cloud accounting services provide detailed and reliable reporting, helping businesses to understand and support revenue in their organisations. Detailed financial reporting ensures the business can quickly identify areas for growth and enables businesses to achieve their cost and revenue growth goals. 

  1. Cloud accounting allows for complete device integration

Unlike previous desk-based accounting systems, cloud accounting solutions allow users to have immediate access to their accounting and financial data from their smartphones and tablets, enabling them to work anywhere, allowing workers to be more productive away from the office.

Xero has also made huge strides in improving connectivity between banks and other applications used regularly by businesses. Users can connect their online bank accounts to their Xero ledger, so daily transactions can import automatically.

  1. Cloud accounting increases data security

The security of financial data is a critical issue for many businesses. In the past, the data was stored on traditional desktop systems, which could be stolen or broken into. Xero’s data storage facilities combine both digital and physical security measures to keep financial data safe. With your data stored in the cloud, it is safe from fire, floods, power outages and other disasters that can take place at your workplace and even at the data storage facilities.

In the words of Paul Macpherson, Head of Security at Xero “Protecting our customers’ security is fundamental to our business and is one of Xero’s strategic priorities. We design security into Xero from the ground up, using industry-leading security technologies to protect our customers and their data.”

Harness the power of cloud accounting solutions with the GG Group

We are committed to ensuring all our customers have the accounting solutions that will give them a competitive advantage today and in the future.  For expert advice about how cloud accounting solutions will assist your business and how you can implement them, speak to us today.