Business Care Licence

Sage Business Care Licence is a comprehensive support plan giving you all the help, benefits and back-ups that your business needs. The BCL is renewable annually and can be paid via a debit order...

Irontree Backup Solution

Without data, businesses would cease to exist. Data ensures that bills are paid, money is collected, contracts are valid, and all information to enable decision-making is available – so imagine...

Sage Pastel Stationery

Sage Pastel stationery offers our clients a range of professional, pre-printed stationery for your business. The range includes invoices and statements, and other business related documents such as...

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Sage Pastel Stationery

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Advantage

Sage Pastel Partner Payroll Advantage software will offer you all the advantages you have come to expect from this trusted brand. The SARS compliant solution is ideal for rapidly growing businesses which need a comprehensive payroll system.

You can now also enjoy more flexible processing methods for managing larger sets of data. The cloud based Self Service portal allows for online data storage, workflow and approval, and data synchronisation between cloud and desktop.

Sage Pastel Stationery

Sage One Accounting

Sage One Accounting is an innovative online accounting software solution that encompasses business insights for today and beyond. Traditional accounting jargon has been replaced with simple, easily understood terminology, assuring you a seamless and convenient experience every time. You’re shopping and banking online already, so isn’t it time you managed your payroll and accounting online too?

Sage Pastel Stationery

Sage Pastel Partner Advantage

Sage Pastel Partner Advantage

Partner Advantage is much more than your traditional business accounting software package. It is an integrated software solution that helps medium to large-sized companies manage their business and gain better control. Work smarter using automated business processes such as importing of bank statements. In addition, you always receive the latest version of Sage Partner Advantage at no extra cost and have access to unlimited support on this industry-leading business accounting software.

Please Note: This software carries a compulsory annual licence fee.