The things great bosses do differently

The things great bosses do differently

A great boss makes all the difference to their employees’ work environment and can be the reason many people stay working for a company, even if other issues are not ideal. A great boss will bring out the best in their employees, inspiring them to perform, while a bad boss creates an unpleasant work environment, leading to lack of motivation and innovation. So what do great bosses do differently?


They share information

Great bosses believe that information empowers people and they share relevant information with their team to help them perform to the best of their abilities.

Part of information sharing is regular communication – which is something great bosses do innately. They give clear explanations and answers and are able to give their teams meaningful direction.


They reward their staff

Great bosses look for opportunities to praise and reward their employees both privately and publicly. They understand that rewarding their employees, even if it is just with a public ‘pat on the back’ for work done well, goes a long way to inspiring people to go the extra mile.


They show respect

Great bosses respect their employees and their time. They don’t expect their employees to work long hours on a consistent basis or keep them waiting for meetings. Instead, they use their employees’ time productively and hold structured meetings that start and end on time, with an agenda to ensure that the meeting stays on track.


They show empathy

Great bosses understand that their employees have lives outside of work and realise that unfortunate things occasionally happen that impact on their employees’ time. They understand that a sick child or ageing parent needs attention and they give their employees the flexibility to work around it. They are not pushovers, but when empathy is demanded, they are able to recognise that their employees are human and see things from their employees’ perspective.


They are responsible

Great bosses understand that they are responsible for their team’s performance and that this is part of their role as a manager. Rather than blaming their team, they are proactive about managing their team’s performance and give them timely feedback when things go wrong to ensure that their team’s performance gets back on track quickly and effectively.


They are understanding

Great bosses understand that their employees have lives filled with family and other responsibilities. They don’t regularly expect their team to work late unless it’s on a special project or there is a crisis. When their team goes the extra mile and works overtime, they are quick to thank them for their contribution.


They are empowering

Great bosses want to see their teams succeed and fulfil their potential. They are inspirational and encourage their team members to gain the necessary skills and experience so that they can develop and become leaders themselves.


They are careful about hiring

Great bosses don’t just hire for convenience or to full a gap. They put a lot of time into the recruitment process, in order to ensure that each person they hire will be the right cultural fit for the department and the company as a whole. They work closely with their recruitment agency to communicate what they are looking for in a prospective employee and give timely and insightful feedback to the recruitment agency once they have interviewed a prospect.


Work with a committed recruitment agency

At GG Recruitment we work closely with all our clients to ensure that only candidates with the right skills, experience and cultural fit are put forward for a position. We rigorously screen our candidates to ensure that when an interview takes place, our clients are confident they are seeing candidates who meet all their criteria. For more information about our recruitment processes and our candidates, contact us today.