Tips to help you advance your career

Tips to help you advance your career

The days are long gone when a person remains in the same job for the rest of their life. LinkedIn has looked at its 500 million users1 over the past 20 years and indicated that the data shows a jump in employment churn, especially among millennials and the churn seems to be accelerating. The LinkedIn study shows that millennials will change jobs an average of four times in the first ten years out of university compared to the previous generation, who only had two changes in this time. So with this in mind, how does someone in the current job market advance their career? Here are some tips:

Don’t be complacent

Times change and so do skills. These days, people need life-long learning in order to stay relevant and advance their careers in an increasingly dynamic job environment.

What was relevant and needed in your career when you started is evolving and will continue to do so. Don’t sit back on your laurels and accept that you are adequately qualified. Ask yourself, if you have to find a new job tomorrow, in today’s competitive marketplace, do you have the skills and knowledge to land a new and even better position?

Look for opportunities to up-skill

Many companies have a training budget. Take advantage of this and investigate what new skills will assist you in advancing your career. If your boss mentions up-skilling, take advantage of the moment and indicate your desire to gain new knowledge. If you are unsure what to study further, consider some career counselling and investigate on social media what skills others in your profession hold.

Stay relevant on social media

These days many recruiters are gaining insights from LinkedIn and social media profiles. If you are actively looking at advancing your career, you should ensure that your social media profiles reflect your current skills and knowledge. It is essential that people get a good impression when they arrive at your profile.

Grow your networking circle

In a competitive job market, it is often the case that “it’s not what you know, but who you know” comes into play. If you have been in the same job for several years, and don’t belong to any networking groups, it’s advisable to look outside your current circle to grow your network. This can be a social or professional network – but either way, contacts are essential if you want to move up the career ladder.

Look for a mentor

Is there someone in your work environment that you admire or aspire to be like? If so, approach them to find out if they would be interested in mentoring you. You can even have a mentor in an unofficial capacity by observing closely what this team member is doing on a daily basis and start to mirror their actions and the skills they are acquiring.

Be mobile

If your ideal job arrives tomorrow, are you ready to go for an interview? If your job is dependent on your portfolio, is it updated? Try to keep your CV and portfolio as relevant as possible. If you are open for opportunities, let your recruitment partner know that you are willing to consider a new job. Ensure they have your most recent CV and contact numbers and are aware of any new skills you have acquired since you last spoke.

GG Recruitment helps you grow your career

At GG Recruitment we specialise in Financial, IT, Management and Specialist positions and are ideally positioned to help candidates in these areas advance their careers. If you are interested in taking your career further, speak to one of our consultants today.

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