Who are the top salary earners in South Africa?

Who are the top salary earners in South Africa?

Employers and employees alike are always interested in the latest salary trends and how they affect the marketplace. In this blog post we look at the latest reports on salaries in South Africa and where you can expect to earn the most.

Joburg is no longer the golden city

In the past, if you wanted to earn a top salary, you would head to Johannesburg, South Africa’s financial centre. However, a recent report1 highlights that the city is no longer holding the title for ‘top-paying city’. Instead, Cape Town is outperforming Johannesburg with average salaries of R374 173 per annum which is R14 888 more than Johannesburg which has an average of R359 285. Gauteng’s provincial salaries also fell short of the Cape Town average.

Cape Town is Africa’s biggest tech hub

While Johannesburg might hold the title of being South Africa’s financial centre, Cape Town is the country’s biggest tech hub, employing over 40 000 people – double the amount of people employed in tech in Johannesburg!

Slight salary increase since 2018

A 2019 salary report on the average salaries across South Africa’s top industries, which analysed over more than 100 000 job listings, showed that salaries have only increased by 7% since 2018, which is line with international trends as predicted by the American company PayScale.

Sectors2 that only showed a 5% increase were marketing, finance and construction, while those that showed between a 5% and 10% increase were engineering, admin and sales. The sector with wage increases over 10% was IT. In the IT sector, candidates with skills in development are highly prized and are earning increases of 15% more than they did in 2018.

Candidates with the right skills in software and IT development, industrial, civil and structural engineers, financial analysis and project management can expect to continue to command high salaries.

The top-earning professions in South Africa

Profession                                                     Average salary

Accountant                                                    R430,563

Recruiter                                                       R431,640

Php Developer                                             R433,981

Planner                                                          R448,575

Financial Accountant                                  R476,759

Sales Manager                                             R489,332

General Manager                                        R495,191

Web Developer                                            R496,915

Designer                                                       R499,932

Developer                                                     R500,748

Net Developer                                              R509,432

Quantity Surveyor                                        R538,734

Software Developer                                    R540,949

Analyst                                                           R548,159

Technologist                                                 R549,318

Business analyst                                          R569,589

Java Developer                                           R582 218

Engineer                                                       R590, 053

Pharmacist                                                    R606,851

Surveyor                                                        R623,665

Civil Engineer                                               R639,102

Project Manager                                          R643,030

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